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We would like to salute and recognize our loyal and hard-working BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS in 2016! We are complimenting the top 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS by giving away certificate of appreciation and original BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS polo shirts. May this gesture bring about trust among our BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS’ own communities that leads to a more prosperous business ventures as BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS. The announcement will be held on January 11th, 2017. So keep up the great work in December and hopefully you’ll be part of the top 100 BFS.


Award & Compliments

  1. Certificate of Appreciation. All the top 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS will receive a certificate of appreciation.
  2. BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Polo Shirt. All the top 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS will receive two pieces of original BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS polo shirts.
  3. All the top 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS will be introduced with their name and BFS ID as top sales in 2016 on our official BF SUPPORTERS Blog.

*Note: The top BFS from some of the Oceania and Caribbean countries will receive   framed certificates instead of polo shirts due to high taxation of such goods.


Selection Criteria and Notification:

  1. The top 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS will be selected by the number of referrals made between Jan 1st to Dec 31st, 2016, which is based on the issuance date of Proforma Invoice.
  2. In case of a tie on the number of referrals, the BF SUPPORTER with the higher total FOB price sold will be selected.
  3. The top 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS will be notified by email to the email address they registered for BF SUPPORTERS Program. Further details for receiving the awards and compliments will be provided to them directly by BE FORWARD.

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42 thoughts on “Top 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS AWARD in 2016

  1. Geofrey Liford

    Beforward is only fruitful company in the world agree with me pliz try it you will not regret


  2. Emmanuel Muchongwe

    Comment: Thank you so much for your cooperation, understanding and support. Our contributions and request that we made on businesses seminar in Harare Botanical Gardens has been taken into consideration with positive answer.I do appreciate the support that you are giving us so as to receive more customers and raise our sales.Our customers will be happy to see the certificates so that they put all their trust on us.

    Once more thank you so much.



    thanks to be forward for giving us this wonderful opportunity, it has been wondeful and it is still wonderful being part of BFS. there are alot to learn and alot to win, BFS gives a wide network connection and makes you popular in terms of Car dealings ,

    to those who have not joined please and kindly join and start earning ASAP

    thank you be forward and i pray come 11th january 2017, i must be among 100 winners of the certificate on behalf of my ugandan customers.

    hureey…………………………………… !!!!!!!!!!!111


  4. Rhobie Gatsi

    Thank you!, i appreciate the support you are giving us, that will give my Customers confidence on my job, ie giving us marketing materials as well as the certificates.


  5. Kangala Ezra_BFS

    This is very cool, and for shure it’ll raise trust from customers to BFS.
    Thanks to you beforward by sorting out various means of expanding this program.


    1. Be Forward

      We wish Good Luck for all Supporters!!



    I have a problem with my BFS ID I bought the caR TOYOTA RAV 4 the consignee nam is DELFINUS KIVENULE that makes you to change my name from NOEL SALILA TO DELFINUS KIVENULE so I need my name back in all BFS MATERIAL he just a custom he is not a BFS all material I need to be printed as NOEL SALILA not DELFINUS KIVENULE… THANKS


    1. Be Forward

      Hi Mr Noel Thank you for your comment.
      Note that the Name, Email, Phone number on the Marketing Materials are not added manually by us. It is all information you entered when you create the account. Meaning: If you change your personal information on your Dashboard, it will be automatically changed on your marketing materials.


  7. Muhammad Ntambi

    Thanks go to Be forward company for the good conditioned cars at a good price you do sell to us, indeed am so great full


  8. James Mukwara

    what a reliable and genuine company. It has been a wonderful relationship with Be Forward since I started business with them. I do appreciate their level of services (honest, transparency and understanding) surely you are of high standards. Keep on doing the best.


  9. Simbarashe chiketa

    Comment I would to thank Be forward guys for such a wonderful job you are doing worldwide such as being so efficient, good communicators, good updater and all cars that I have purchased since year 2012 were all marvelous and I have managed to refer so many customers to Be Forward…..Keep being wonderful Be Forward staffs.


  10. Ojom Alex

    Thank u BF, I received my VW Golf 3 and enjoying it,

    Ojom Alex
    Lira, Uganda


  11. Mugishawimana Jean Chrisostome

    I’m adoring Be Forward. Even If I’m new, and in my country it seems there is not many BF supporters and customers I’m trying to go up and very soon I hope I will be rewarded.


  12. shallom abdullahi

    world class ever car company (FORWARD EVER). Be Forward is company you would never regret having deals with, when it comes to car issues. the world believes in BE FORWARDERS (+256779660079. Uganda)


  13. Alan Sibajene

    Thanks BE FORWARD for the wonderful service you have given us I have never been disappointed with the cars that i bought from you.



    we are all so gratefull to beforward for such a wonderful deal. we wish it continues with new ideas in order to enhance our visibility in the world. Am so happy to be a BF Supporter!


  15. Andy kashimba

    Thanks beforward for the opportunity that comes to us check out 2017


  16. morris mbalalae

    every body dreams Bt in-between there must a force to archive an be foward made it possible to individuals who were dreaming about dream car.


  17. John k

    BF is a most trusted cars trader throughout the world.


  18. kzto musa

    hopefully will be my own boss with you guys


  19. Ruberintwari Landry

    Thanks to the team BE FORWARD,you are making great and giving us a chance,keep it tp to date we are following you and bringing other followers,be kept!



    i must be the TOP 5 sellers come 11th 2017 !!!!!!!!!

    ….Good work …… BFS team


  21. Bashir

    Real this is so amazing for real. Hope we will achieve our goals. I promise you guys we will always work as a team for the coming year in order to achieve our goals


  22. Mariam Mahonge

    I’m in though I need more experience about this business, I like it


  23. Mariam Mahonge

    I’m in though I need more experience about this business, I like it I’m from Tanzania, check me of Instagram Mariam Mahonge


    1. Robert Stopey

      Be forward changing lives in the long.


  24. Mwiine Tyson

    my sincere appreciation to be forward for the best services and enabling,empowering people to best service


  25. Selemani Khalifa Kimomwe

    Thank you Be Forward for giving us internal support, courage and boosting up our economy.
    Thank you a lot. Keep improving.


  26. Said Mohammed Rashid

    hi i have worked with beforward.japan since 2013 if i am not mistaken and my sales manager Mr Benjamin is my main man he has helped me archive a lot in these business of selling cars in south Sudan i am so glad with beforward.japan and Mr Benjamin

    Said M Rashid


  27. Eric

    Thanks be forward you’re doing a great job to the people .



    Thank you Be forward for providing opportunity to us also i feel good to introducer other people because of good car condition and low price ,let work together this year.



    it has passed the day of publishing the winners, am very eager to know our best 100 bfs,
    please be forward, any progress ????


  30. faisal sentongo

    just new here but actually enjoying the services


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