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On this post we will teach you how to customize your experience on BE FORWARD web site , make use of the tools available on the web site, will make your search easier and fast!


Our searcher is a very user friendly tool, where you can easily select what you are looking for.

Select the Manufacturer, Model, or Even Body type, Mileage, Manufacture year, etc…

Search what you want it is easy if you just pay attention on what are you seen, however there is one very useful tool that most of SUPPORTER doesn’t really make full use of it.


Receive an email letting you know that we have a new stock of the model you have selected, or if the prices have been reduced!

Let’s suppose that you have not find what you are really looking for, you want to keep searching and receiving updates on New Stock, New Arrival, whenever that vehicle you want will be on our Stock List! 

Once you have selected the model you want to check, click on “ADD TO WISH LIST”and see the magic happen, as soon you click you will be redirected to your Wish List  Located on your “My Page”.


You will see that the Manufacturer and model you have choose will be on the list, you can do the same steps, choosing by Model Code when you want a specific model of vehicle.

On the right side of the page you will see an option to “YES”or “NO” to subscribe for that model, also an “X” in case you want to remove that model from your List.

Notify Me


If the vehicle you liked is already Under Offer (it means is reserved for someone else).

It doesn’t mean that you lost the vehicle, there is still a chance the person who reserved the unit, do not pay for it, or delay on send the proof of payment within 48 hours.

(To make reservation you must order the Proforma Invoice) 

Once you click on “Notify Me” you will be notified if the vehicle became available again on the web site.

One think to keep in mind is, everyone who click to be notified will be receiving the email saying “This unit is available again” So if you take too long to inquiry you may loose the chance to reserve the vehicle!

We have a lot of ways to be contacted:

Email (

Telephone Number +81 42 440 3440

WhatsApp Number for Sales team: Zimbabwe +81-80-9297-3670 (WhatsApp text only).

Tanzania    +81-80-8876-7361 (WhatsApp text only).

Malawi        +81 80-9207-2849 (WhatsApp text only).


Still The fastest way to negotiate strait away with the Sales person is calling on the BE FORWARD Office Number +81 42 440 3440.

We have hundreds of staff on the hot line to pick up your phone call, or even negotiate the vehicle or issue the Invoice for you!

Note that All the WhatsApp Numbers do not accept Phone call, so even if you try to call on the WhatsApp you will fail, Text Only.

If you have any question regarding this post, please feel free to leave you comments or suggestion below!

Have a nice day Supporters!

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