Payment Information! Make sure to update it!

Good Morning Supporters!

Today we going to talk about payment information when you signed up as a BF Supporter!

Most of the members are not given the attention for this point which should be the first thing you do when sign up.

Leave your payment information in blank on the Dashboard might cause you loose the reward you should receive, the reason is simple. We need your payment information to make the transaction for your  Mobile money account. Another info that must be uploaded is a copy of your National ID Mandatory for Zimbabwe Supporters, Tanzania (Tigo-Pesa/ Mpesa) Malawi (Mpamba) are more flexible than Ecocash (Zimbabwe mobile money) Tanzania and Malawi you can upload any ID such as National ID, Passport, Drive License Etc…

Okay, Resume: Payment information and ID upload on Dashboard Are Mandatory!

How to Receive A Reward

  • Both the BF SUPPORTERS and Referrals receive a reward after a purchase is made by the Referrals.
  • Once the purchase of the Referrals has been confirmed, both the BF SUPPORTERS and Referrals will receive the reward on the succeeding month following the date of payment confirmation for the purchase made by the Referrals.
  • To receive the rewards, the following conditions must be carried out:
    • BF SUPPORTERS must provide their ID (e.g., National ID, Voter’s ID, Passport, Drivers’ License, etc.) on their BF SUPPORTER’s page.
    • BF SUPPORTERS must fill in the Referral’s (Consignee’s) mobile money type ad number on the order form so that the Referral can receive the cash-back reward. If by any chance wrong information of the Consignee/s has been filled in, BF SUPPORTER must immediately communicate it to BE FORWARD by email.
    • When Referrals purchase a vehicle, they must fill in the BF SUPPORTERS ID of the BF SUPPORTER on the order form.
      Purchase Orders must be placed online. (For more Terms&Conditions please Click here.)

If you Login and see that message highlighted like on the image On the top of this post, Please click on “Profile” and the next image will be the one below:

Profilepic.payment up

On this page you have the option to Upload or Change your Profile picture the same goes to edit or add your Payment Information. By Clicking on Edit the payment information you will be sent to another page, Where you can chose:

*Mobile Money Type  (Choose the Mobile for your respective country)

*Mobile Money number ( Is your Cellphone number register on the Mobile money)

*National ID, on this section it will depend on which country you are from.

Zimbabwe: National ID Only!

Malawi and Tanzania: National ID, Passport, Driver license and any other Identification Document.

*Payee Name ( Is the name registered on phone number filled on the second section)

Payment Info

Filling those information above, when you order a vehicle on the BE FORWARD Website, there is no need for you to put your information on the inquiry form, unless you are purchasing a vehicle for your self and want to use the BFS ID. Instead if you are purchasing for someone else, the only information from you needed is your email address and your BFS ID the other information should be all form the consignee, the person the vehicle will be registered. We have mentioned before on the WhatsApp group, that If all the Supporter fill their Payment information correctly on the Dashboard, at the Time of inquiry insert the correct information form the consignee, All the payments should be done without any delay!

In few minutes you can easily finish all the information need for you to have no trouble when the Pay day comes.

Use the link below if you want to:

You will notice that everything is located on your Dashboard, that’s why we insist for you to use it, explore, Learn and send to us any suggestion regarding the usability.

Hope this post had help you somehow.

Have a nice day!680 x 260 home page V2 115


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2 thoughts on “Payment Information! Make sure to update it!

  1. matende liberty

    what is be forward jp,s view on current situation affecting its clients in zimbabwe


    1. beforward

      Hello Matende Liberty, We are working to find the best solution for our customers, However since it is a issue in side the country it make difficult for us as a foreigner Company to intervening in the current situation. We are still working on a solution!
      Thank you for your comment.


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