October Campaign 4th Bonus Winner: Mr. TONGAI SIBANDA

Congratulations to Mr. TONGAI SIBANDA from Zimbabwe for winning the 4th Bonus in our October campaign. He successfully sold 7 units and earned a total Bonus of $280.


What are the top 5 things on your TO DO List in making sure that you’ll win again?

Top 5 things on my to do list are:

  • l wake up very early around 2am every day logging in to BE FORWARD to do selection of vehicles for my clients.
  • l have established good communication with both my clients and BF sales team.
  • l print and distribute as much as possible the BFS marketing materials.
  • l look for potential clients from my church, my friends and wherever l am l preach about BE FORWARD .
  • Above everything else, l build trust with my clients so that they can recommend my services to their friends, family members, etc.

Please share your happiest moments as a BF SUPPORTER.

I am so happy to be the number 4 on the chart but if not for the difficult payment procedures currently in Zimbabwe, l can promise you today that l will be on the top with about 15 units. As a BF supporter l get very good discounts from the sales team.

Please describe your daily activities as a BF SUPPORTER.

As a BF supporter, my day starts as early as 2am daily searching and negotiating for various units that my clients have inquired from the previous day. After reaching a good price for my client’s budget, l then proceed to do the payment on their behalf.

How do you stay motivated? Please share your secret to inspire other BF SUPPORTERS.

If l manage to get one customer today, to me it means that l have what it takes to get another or even two tomorrow and that helps me to stay focused and motivated.

How do you easily refer your friends to BE FORWARD?

For me referring my friends to BE FORWARD is very easy. In my car l keep loads of BF customized business cards which l give to anyone who requests for my contact number; may it be at church, funeral, you name it. And believe me the business cards are boosting my business.


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