How Can You Promote Your BFS ID and Find Prospective Customers?

The Most common questions among the new BF Supporters are:
What to do next?

How can I start advertising my BFS ID?

How can I find prospective customers?

How can I be a successful BF Supporter?

It is our human nature to question, either you are just a curios person, or you really want to learn how to make things work.

Presuming that you are already registered as a BF Supporter, this post will help you in a different but simple way in getting the “ picture” of what BF Supporters is like. If you are not registered yet, please sign up here.

We have a post on How to Advertise on Social Media, if you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look.

Local Advertisement

Let’s suppose you want to buy bread for your breakfast, where would you go? To the bakery or that local market that you know they sell bread, right? You know that info either because you saw it or someone told you. Assuming that you just signed up for the BF Supporters account, you have downloaded the SNS Materials to share on Facebook, or Instagram and you’re just doing an online advertisement. Although using online advertisement is one of the most effective ways to reaching out to your prospective customers, it is not enough as there are other proven offline promotions to consider as well such as the use of printed marketing materials.


First print out some marketing materials such as business cards and flyers.
Business card is a great way to expand your business network and it comes in handy when you need to introduce and present yourself as a business professional.

When you introduce yourself to someone, and say your name and your profession, such as a car importer from Japan, that someone might forget your name soon after your conversation. But by handing out a business card, your network will remember you even after a while and they will have a way to contact you, and even recall your name when meeting you accidentally out of nowhere.

Flyers, Posters and Catalogues

We are now in the 21st century and so you may ask: Who in the word are still using flyers? The answer is: Everyone is still using flyers. Why is that? Most people have access to the Internet – the fastest way to access any information but because of the vast information available on the web and the million ads scattered all over the place, it is difficult to have any information stick in peoples mind. So, giving someone a flyer is a much better way to approach someone and start a conversation, which might lead to a prospective sale. With printed materials, you can visit places, ask to pin a flyer on a board next to other advertisements. You can approach all the stores close to your town and hand out some flyers. Basically you can use flyers anywhere and anytime. It is a good way to increase your chances to find prospective customers.

Stickers can also help you reach out to your potential customers. Print out some and give them to taxi drivers, stick them on buses, on your friends’ trucks, your friends’ bicycles or anywhere where people can see them.

The idea of Local Marketing is quite simple. Just walk around and start looking for any advertisement. When you see one, it means the advertisement has served its purpose. The goal is to communicate information to an audience, and in this case it’s you, because you saw the poster, banner or whatever advertisement it may be. Try to walk around and spot for places where you can put up some posters where lots of people can see or hand out some flyers to crowded places. On this lookout, make sure to talk to people. Remember that word of mouth is the most powerful way you have to advertise your product or service.

Being polite and nice to people will also make a difference when you try to approach someone, either asking for a permission to leave out some flyers to their store, or just to ask for information about something else. The way you treat someone at your first meeting will be their first impression of you and it’s what will last. So try to be nice!

We hope that this post gave you a different perspective on how to advertise effectively. We recommend you to check out other posts in our blog – it is for your own development as a BF Supporter. If there is a WhatsApp number available on your Dashboard, join the group as it is a good source of information and you can learn from other BF Supporters experiences.

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23 thoughts on “How Can You Promote Your BFS ID and Find Prospective Customers?

  1. Robert Ngethe

    This is one of the great articles to bookmark. Knowledge is free.


    1. Be Forward

      Thank you for your comment.



    I want to thank you for helping me on how I can get customers. As a new supporter my work will be essier.


    1. Be Forward

      Hi Mr Wilfred,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Which country are you registered as a BF Supporter?


  3. Byron T Gumure

    Now i understand how to get customers,
    Thanks to you beforward


  4. Paul mboya

    Thank Beforwad for your support I’m so glad to be part of you guys.


  5. Mncedisi

    Thankyou for the tips. As a supporter I am looking forward to implement the strategies soon and see the outcomes


  6. Etz

    Hi Be Forward,
    I am a member and to further increase my network link, how do I share via Facebook/Google+ etc…. while my membership number will remain on the catalogue?



  7. Mugishawimana Jean Chrisostome

    thank you so much. I’ve tried some of those strategies.I’m a new BF supporter in Burundi I hop it will go.
    thank you so much


  8. Daniel

    Thank you so much Be Forward for your tips i now have the courage to market as a supporter


  9. Munashe Ziramba

    Thank you Be Forward for helping me on how I can get the customers .I am so glad to work with you.


  10. Mariam Mahonge

    Thank you! I will definitely do that.. A new be forward Supporter in Tanzania


  11. Opio Bonface Chahasi

    I Have Jst Started Making Adverts By Print Outs And Also Sensitizing My Friends Writting 2 Them Via Messages With More Information On This Advert Tips I Know It Would Reach More People Otherwise Thanks For Ua Help


  12. Wilberforce Lackson

    thanx BE FORWARD for assisting me to get started, keep that standard up. My work is now easy, am grateful.


  13. Yezarankunda Maxime

    Thank you for your explanation about advertising.
    now I understand well how it does.
    I’m new agent and I register Rwanda but the problem is that this company is down in the way of marketing in Rwanda comparing with neighbors countries like Uganda,Tanzania,Kenya.
    we need to use more effort to convice public and I think with your support we will make it.
    thank you.


  14. willard

    looking forward to your surport for me as your new member. I believe you won’t let me down. Thank you.


  15. Eric

    Noted with thanks for your help and support!!!
    I’ll looking forward to do it in action!!!


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