BF SUPPORTERS Educational Seminar in Harare (Nov. 2016)

48 BF SUPPORTERS Participated

On Nov 19th, 2016, the first educational seminar for BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS was held in Harare Botanical Garden. 48 BF SUPPORTERS from different regions have participated in the seminar.

Various Topics Covered

The seminar covered multiple topics: BE FORWARD History, BFS Reward System, How to search vehicles in the stock list, Import Process, Duty and Tax Calculations, BFS Dashboard System, Demonstration of downloading Marketing Materials, How to increase Sales, How to advertise, What is Bitcoin, Delivery from Port and Auto Parts. After getting dressed with BF SUPPORTERS T-shirts and enjoyed a drink, BF SUPPORTERS were listening carefully to the lecturers’ presentation. (* Bitcoin service ends in February 2023)


How to Increase Sales

BF SUPPORTERS come from different backgrounds. Some own an Internet café and printing business, some run a transportation business, while others manage a Spare Parts business. By exchanging ideas with each other and by taking part in the discussions, the participants learned a lot from the seminar.
“I actually benefited a lot from the seminar, I learned how to advertise, use of office, as previously I just operated at home, and I now know the use of these advertising materials.”

One of the BF SUPPORTERS, Mlambo Prosper says.

Interaction with Other BFS

The most valuable point for the participants was probably their interaction with other BF SUPPORTERS.
Tongai Sibanda says “Knowing what other people are benefiting from buying more units from BF motivated me so much.”

“I was motivated more because I managed to interact with some BF supporters who won the first prize and the forth prizes respectively and saw them with my naked eye testifying for themselves. I discovered that for sure those prizes run for real from BE FORWARD“  Stewart Mutambarika says after the seminar.



“The seminar covered all the topics I wanted to know and learn about.” – Brighton Benjamin Imbayago

“After hearing the testimonies from others about what they have benefited through this program, I was motivated. It just took my heart.” – Richirwa Taurai

“I will attend the seminar even a thousand times as that will help improve my sales and keep in touch with current situation running with other BF Supporters.” – Stewart Mutambarika

“Even if the meeting is called for tomorrow l will most definitely attend.” – Tongai Sibanda

What’s Next

We are very grateful to those who participated in our first seminar for BF SUPPORTERS. We hope to conduct another seminar soon in different regions all over the world. We are hopeful to meet more BF SUPPORTERS and exchange ideas in the coming seminars! Please stay tuned for the announcement of our future seminars!


Special Thanks to the Advisor and Facilitators

The seminar was organized by Evans (BFS Advisor) with the cooperation of other Facilitators.


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13 thoughts on “BF SUPPORTERS Educational Seminar in Harare (Nov. 2016)

  1. richard chekamwendo

    Hello guys, am very greatful the way be forward is supporting, i am new and i need to learn more about BR SUPPOTERS i missed the previous sermina, i wish you imform me the coming next.
    Thank you


    1. beforward

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      The seminar was announced on the WhatsApp group for BF Supporters.
      Please login on your dashboard and join the group.

      Thank you.


  2. Brighton Benjamin Imbayago

    Thank you so much for the seminar. I benefited a lot from it.
    I hope we are going to do business together very well.


    1. beforward

      Thank you for your comment.

      We hope to have more Seminar in different areas and countries.

      Thank you.


  3. Ethel Majawa

    This is so interesting and educative. I wish you could organize one in Malawi so that new supporters like me could learn what our colleagues in Harare have learnt.


    1. beforward

      Hi Mr Ethel, We also hope to organize seminars in Malawi, Please join the whatsapp group where you can bring the topic among other Supporters.

      Thank you.


  4. Osório Inácio Manhiça

    Hi People!

    I have apreciated so much to year about the seminar that took place in Malawe. Iam a new BeForward supporter from Mozambique and i still have a lot of questions/dificulties on how to do my jop effectively and i think it should be very important to organize one seminar in my country so that i could learn from the other´s experience.



    1. Be Forward

      Hi Osósrio Inácio Manhiça,

      Thank you for your comment, the seminar was held in Zimbabwe, we hope to make in other countries as well, however we need a number of active Supporter to make that happen. Have you joined our WhatsApp group for BF Supporters?


  5. Isaac Mokaya

    Hi am Beforward supporter Ref#288667,I have 2potential clients who want to purchase a car but they don’t believe in online transaction,they want to see the vehicle physical and finish the transaction.pliz advice email.


    1. Be Forward

      Hi Mr Isaac,

      Please send an email to us on
      We suggest you to show your clients testimonial of people who have purchased from us before. We will be waiting for your email.


  6. Josiahnielsen

    Helo there I’m new may I have your support please?


    1. Be Forward

      Hi Josiahnielsen,

      We Give Support to our BF Supporters, on the email or through the WhatsApp group if available or your country. Please feel free to contact us.



    we also need the educational seminar in UGANDA, Ugandans buy/import many cars from Be forward, so the organizers kindly consider the seminar to Ugandans too.

    i will be grateful if my request will be granted on the behalf of BFS group uganda (269573)


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