Start using “Wish List” today

Step 1.

Open BE Forward website



Step 2.

Click login and enter your username and password to get access.


Step 3.

After successful login to the system, browse a car that you wish to get its list everyday when  added or discounted. Here you have to click “Browse stock” and select manufacturer, year, price, color, car type and other features as shown in the system for instance Toyota Harrier.

Step 4.

After selecting features of the car, click SEARCH button to get the results.

Step 5.

Click ADD TO WISH LIST button to save the list.


 Step 6.

You can switch OFF the specific list by clicking the green Subscribe button.

Step 7

You can decide to REMOVE a specific list from wish list, to do that just click X next to Subscribe button, you will be prompted to agree or not.


Check your wish list

Assuming that you are still logged in, click on the Log in/out icon on the top right of the page so you can click to view your Wish List.


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