Increase your reward, time to earn even more as a BF SUPPORTERS!

Good Morning everyone!

We are pleased to announce the new reward amounts for the BF SUPPORTERS. 

Our BFS SUPPORTERS have been doing an amazing job selling BE FORWARD vehicles. So good that as a matter of fact, we decided to change the payment and reward system to offer our

SUPPORTERS more ways to earn rewards. It is settled a Basic rate, Plus Extra reward based on the FOB price of the vehicle not on the Registration year as used to be, Plus Extra reward

if you sell a vehicle using City delivery!

For a better understanding we suggest you to take a look on the Supporters website.



Based on the “Reward Table” on the picture above.

If you sell a Sedan With FOB Price between $1,000~$2,999 your reward will be $20.00 if you add City Delivery service up to Durban, you can add +$15 so your total reward will be $35 Instead of only $15

Based on the old system! Some of the Extra rewards goes up to Extra $30, $40 even $90.00 Extra top up on the basic rate which is $10.00

Supporter can make more than $100 Per sales, Plus of course the Monthly Bonus for those who sell the most units.

The monthly Bonus Will keep the same for the respective countries, access your Dashboard to see the rewards and options available for your country.Are you excited with the News?

Leave your comments below, Any question regarding the new reward system, please feel free to contact us on the WhatsApp group.

We hope, that Supporter can increase their rewards, with the hard work everyone have been doing.

Please, Make sure to updated your Payment information and National ID on your Dashboard, to avoid any delay on your reward payments.

Have a nice day Supporters!        680 x 260 home page V2 115 V2

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