Make Your First Referral and We’ll Double Your Reward!

Haven’t referred a friend yet? This is your perfect chance to finally refer a friend! If you refer a friend for the first time, your reward will be doubled! This is a special holiday offer for our BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS.

How It Works

If you refer a friend to us for the first time from January 5th  to January 31st, your reward will be doubled.

Refer to this Example:

  • Step 1. You referred your friend during the holidays.
  • Step 2. Your friend bought a car during the holidays and within a price range that gave you a $115 reward.
  • Step 3. Your reward of $115 will be doubled and it will become $230!

May this “Double Your Reward” bring you happy holidays! With BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program, your earnings are endless so learn more about the rewards and bonuses by clicking here.

Campaign Period:
The “Double Your Reward” campaign is offered from January 5th to January 31st, 2017.

Who Can Join

  • BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS who have not made any referral before Jan 4th, 2016.
  • BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS who made their first referral from January 5th to January 31st, 2017.
  • BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS who refer a friend who live in this following 24 countries:

Mozambique, Botswana, South Sudan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Bahamas, Uganda, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Cayman Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent, Aruba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada.

What is Reward and How Payment Works

  • Reward is the total amount of the cash given for each of your referral, which is the sum of a Fixed Reward and Extra Reward. For more info on the Fixed and Extra Reward, click here. 
  • Double Reward is applicable to first referral only. If one refers more than one during the campaign period, the reward for the first referral is doubled but the succeeding referrals will not be doubled.

All rewards will be paid through the registered payment information by the 20th day of the following month after the issuance date of the Proforma Invoice.

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16 thoughts on “Make Your First Referral and We’ll Double Your Reward!

  1. Phiri anil

    But you need to send as identity cards in order for us to campaign well.


    1. ruth

      my dear ,u can assure these people that you are not charging them any fee at all. its when you charge them that they hesitate to buy a car and ask for identications .kindly scan your governments I’d and send them telling them you are an online worker .it would be good if you also directed them to the support center of be forward company. I normally direct them to Yoko and Leonardo via email and are always satisfied with the warm response they receive from be forward .


  2. Phiri anil

    Since we are supporting beforward or agents you cannot allow us getting cars for free in order for us to mobiles many customer in rular or in ubarn places.


  3. Phiri anil

    Support as and ee can win many customer especially in schools and all government workers. Your consideration will be highly appreciated


  4. Emanueli shikuli

    Thanks this is our chance to works very hard in this business.



    I am one of your customer Early January 2017 I referred a new buyer to order a car from you and directed him how to register on this web and also monitored every thing on purchase of a Toyota Rav 4 car No BF582120 which we are still waiting, Can you consider me for rewards to motivate me refer more people to Be Forward.


  6. Prosperous

    Thank you so much..! I am gonna put effort to work hard in this business.. Thank you bfoward…I really appriciate!


  7. christopher mapala

    keep on doing this,it will help us and other friends to know where to get genuine cars at a lower price,we will be campaigning each and everyday.


  8. Aaron

    Since i supporting beforward or agents can we get car for free in order for us to mobiles many customer in rular or in ubarn places.



  9. Rodrick C Chewe

    Kindly advice me my Beforward supporter’s number
    Rodrick C Chewe


  10. Brian Hwandi

    hi team just want to refer my friend for him to purchase using BEforward


    1. ruth

      its simple .direct him to be forward JP website and he will be able to view all cars and when making inquiries, he will bfs I’d for example 339989 and he will get 15% discount.


  11. Silavi. Bhalus/Papua New Guinea

    Hi, my customers are interested after my campaign as a BE FORWARD Support Agent which they want to buy car from BE FORWARD. But they request for me to provide a form of Identification (ID card) in order for them to fully trust me. Due to internet hackers and scam messages.


  12. Francis

    If i fail to make more than 2 Referral, do i still qualify for the rewords?


    1. ruth

      hello Francis ,don’t worry .just keep referring to your friends and family in search of car. give them full details about the cars and company. if you don’t know what to say ,just direct them to the be forward.administration via email ,with your BFS I’d so they can get a discount on their purchase. then you will also get your reward.


  13. Novatus Mushi

    As a BE FOWARD supporter, I have reffered a new buyer to BE FOWARD and has sucesfully selected BF585052 -Suzuki Carry Truck and has completed CIF payments.
    Kindly consider me for a reward please.
    With earm regards,


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