EXTENDED!!! Receive a $65 Discount by Using Your BFS ID & a Promotion Code

Purchase a vehicle before January 31st , 2017 and you will receive a $65 discount! This promotion is for My Page members with a BFS ID only.
There are two ways to consider on how to obtain this $65 discount:

1. Get the $50 discount promotion code from your My page dashboard and paste it on the inquiry/order form.
2. Use and place your BFS ID on the inquiry/order form.

So let’s show you how to receive your $65 discount and a bonus section on how to receive a Proforma Invoice instantly (without waiting for our sales team!) by using the Buy Now feature.

1. Get the $50 discount promotion code from your My Page dashboard.

On the top right corner of the homepage, locate the Login/Sign Up icon, click Login (if you already have a My page account), or Sign Up (if you don’t have a My page account yet).


Once you are logged in, find the “Member’s Only Coupon” on your dashboard and click it. Refer to the image below.


After clicking the “Member’s Only Coupon”, you will be redirected to the BE FORWARD front page and the $50 Discount promotion code will be displayed on the top banner.

Copy the Promotion Code by selecting the code (press Ctrl + C on your keyboard) and paste it on the inquiry/order form.
Login to My Page to get a Promotion Code.


2. Use and place your BFS ID on the inquiry/order form.

After finding the Promotion Code, it’s time to go find your ideal car and use the Promotion Code! Search for the vehicle you are interested in from our stock list. On the inquiry/order form, choose your Delivery options, Arrival Port and City Delivery (in case you need one). Place and paste the Promotion Code on the field that says: “ Got a Promotion Code?” and click “Apply” and you will see that the total price will be reduced. Place your BFS ID on the field that says: “ Introduced by a BF SUPPORTER?” and again another discount will be applied.  After placing your BFS ID, the total discount becomes $65, which is an automatic deduction from the total price. Click the “Inquiry” button to finalize your inquiry.


Start Searching a Vehicle


Receive a Proforma Invoice Instantly by Using the Buy Now Feature

Buy Now is a new feature that allows you to instantly download a Proforma Invoice. To use the Buy Now feature, you must have already placed some inquiries, as we explained above using your BFS ID and the Discount Code for Member’s only. Go to your My page Dashboard and click on the “Inquiries & Buy Now” as shown below.


Find your inquiry history and on any inquiry with available vehicle still for sale, you will see a “Buy Now” button as shown below.


At this stage you can review the consignee details, the “Owner-to-be” of the vehicle. This information will be printed on the bill of Landing (B/L). After checking the information, click “Continue”


The next step will be to make sure you have read and agreed with the condition stated above the “Place your order” button that says: “I hereby acknowledge that I must complete the payment, and send the copy of the Telegraphic Transfer (TT copy) within 48 hours.” by ticking the box before it.

The “Buy Now” feature was developed for serious buyers only, so unless you are 100% sure that you will be able to process the payment in the next 48 hours after requesting for the invoice, we do not recommend you to use the “Buy Now”. However, if you or your client is sure, please go ahead request for the invoice and reserve the vehicle.


Try using the “Buy Now” feature today for the fastest way to purchase your vehicle, and don’t forget to use your BFS ID and the Promotion Code to receive your $65 discount!

Use Buy Now Feature immadiately



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