Get $20 OFF For Using Our Clearing and Delivery Service

This is an Exclusive Offer for BF SUPPORTERS who use the Dar es Salaam port!

Offering Two Kinds of Discounts

  1. You can get $20 OFF for using our official “Clearing and Delivery Service” offered by BE FORWARD TANZANIA.
  2. You can get $10 OFF from the original price for selecting “Clearing Service Only”.

How to Get the Discounts

  1. Ask your customers to select a service between “Clearing and Delivery Service” and “Clearing Service Only”.

To learn the available cities for delivery, please check the following pages for your respective country:


  1. Send your BFS ID to BE FORWARD Tanzania
    Tell your customers to send your BFS ID and Vehicle Reference No. to BE FORWARD Tanzania by email (, once the vehicle has left Japan.
  1. Receive Invoice
    Your customers will receive an invoice with Discount from BE FORWARD TANZANIA.

The above offers apply only for the services offered by BE FORWARD Tanzania Dar es Salaam Office. Any other services offered by other agents will not be applied.

BE FORWARD Tanzania Dar es Salaam Office
Address: Palm Residency, Ground Floor, 45-46 Chimara Road,(Opposite Ocean Road Hospital),
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri : 8:00am- 5:00pm
Sat: 9:00am- 12:00pm (Head Quarter)
Sat: 9:00am- 3:00pm (Tunduma)

How to Start

Download the SNS marketing material with the Discount Info and your BFS ID and share it with your customers!


Download the Free Marketing Material Now

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4 thoughts on “Get $20 OFF For Using Our Clearing and Delivery Service

  1. Mugishawimana

    When Burundians will be allowed to buy vehicles using bitcoin? We use bitcoin at Burundi nowdays


  2. Knowledge Kohwera

    That’s an awesome idea . It shows that the Befoward is not only a car sell but a company that caters for its like …most welcomed ..It saves n thereby cutting costs ..I like the idea don’t know my fellows


  3. Marcus

    Thanks, it is very informative


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