Today we are going to talk about Booking and Shipping process.

Learn how the process work, will help you to for a smoothly purchase, also confidence you can pass to your customers when you introduce your self as a Supporter.

BE FORWARD Website has a lot of “How to” section explaining the many different process of the purchase, however not everyone try to find an information.

I will just copy and paste some of the FAQ from customers:

What information do you need from me to begin booking a shipping vessel for my vehicle?

The information below is required to book a shipping vessel for your cargo. Please read the following carefully and provide us with all requested information. Most information is required by the contracted shipping companies; not BE FORWARD.

Port of Discharge: Your nearest port where the vessel will unload your cargo.

Vehicle Destination: Where the vehicle will actually be used. Please provide the name of the country where the vehicle will be registered for use.

Consignee: This is the vehicle’s “owner-to-be.” Please list the consignee’s full name as well as the “real” name shown on his/her passport or ID, full address (without any abbreviations), and phone number(s). To receive your B/Lfrom the shipping company, it is mandatory that all of the consignee’s information above be provided.

Also, when providing us with your booking information, it is important to understand the following:

● Your booking will be delayed by the shipping company if the consignee’s full name and address are not provided. Complete information must be provided.
● The consignee’s name cannot have any spelling mistakes. Even the smallest error can be subject to a B/L amendment, which may cost you additional fees and time.

Notify Party: This is the person that the shipping agentcontacts to notify the confirmed arrival date of your vessel to the port. If you have a private clearing agent, you may list them here, though it is not mandatory as you do not need to declare a clearing agent on the B/L. If you have not hired an agent, it is easiest to simply write in “Same as Consignee”.

DHL Delivery Address: This information is required so that we can mail your documents, including your B/L, by DHL courier. Please provide the full name of the recipient, full address (without any abbreviations), and phone number(s). Please be warned that incomplete information may delay the dispatch of your documents.

It will be a huge post, if we talk about everything,  is up to you decide how much knowledge you want to get form this business.

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