We’ll Double Your Rewards with Bitcoin Payment!

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BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS can now receive rewards in Bitcoin! And by selecting Bitcoin as the payment method, all rewards will be Doubled!


Benefits in Selecting Bitcoin


  • Double Reward: All rewards will be doubled with Bitcoin payment method. For example: if your reward is $100, we will add $100 on top of it to give you a total of $200.
  • Hassle Free: You can receive your rewards faster with Bitcoin than any other reward payment method, since it is not governed by a central bank or any public authority.
  • Use Your Bitcoins to Purchase Auto Parts: You can purchase Auto Parts from BE FORWARD using Bitcoin! You can also buy other merchandise online, or sell Bitcoin and withdraw in the currency you prefer.

3 Steps to Receive Reward by Bitcoin

  • STEP 1. Open a Bitcoin Wallet
    If you do not have a Bitcoin Wallet, please choose and open your Bitcoin Wallet.
    * Note: Any Bitcoin Wallet of your choice is acceptable.
    To open a Bitcoin Wallet and start using Bitcoin, click here to learn more.
    To buy or sell Bitcoin, please click here to learn more.
    Below are some of the agencies commonly used in these countries:

Zimbabwe: https://bitcoinfundi.com
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda: https://www.bitpesa.co

  • STEP 3. Get Rewarded
    Refer your friends/customers to us and you will receive your rewards in Bitcoin automatically every month!
  • Double Reward for Bitcoin users applies to Basic Reward + Extra Reward only. It does not apply to the reward amount accrued by other promotion such as “Double Reward for the First Referral” and “Bonus for BF SUPPORTERS with the most referrals”

How to Update your BFS Payment Info

Go to BFS Account Page: https://supporters.beforward.jp/bfs/supporter/edit
Update your Bitcoin Wallet Information.

What is Bitcoin Wallet Address?

There is a unique QR code and Wallet Address for each Bitcoin Wallet holders. The address is used for Bitcoin transactions. Copy your Wallet Address and paste it in the above field when you  register your Reward Payment Information.
 *Sample of Wallet Address


FAQ about Bitcoin Rewards

  • Q. What is Bitcoin?
    A. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to buy merchandise online or to make international payment that is not governed by a central bank nor any public authority. You can exchange Bitcoin to USD or other currencies if you want.To learn more, please watch this video 
  • Q. How can I receive rewards in Bitcoin?
    A. To receive rewards in Bitcoin,  you need to have a Bitcoin Wallet.
    Once you get a Wallet, please update your Bitcoin Wallet Information on BFS Reward Payment Info page so that your rewards will be paid in Bitcoin automatically from the next month.
  • Q. How can I use Bitcoin?
    A.You can exchange it to USD or other currencies if you like. You can send Bitcoin to your friends or family outside your country. You can even buy merchandise online with Bitcoin.  If you would like to make payment in Bitcoin to purchase a vehicle or spare parts from BE FORWARD, please contact us: top@beforward.jp. We will explain how to proceed with the payment.
  • Q. How can I exchange Bitcoin to USD and withdraw it?
    A. You can sell or exchange your Bitcoins in USD (or other currencies) based on the prevailing Bitcoin-USD exchange rate being offered by different Bitcoin agencies in the market. Once you have successfully sold your Bitcoins, you can withdraw your funds in any currency such as USD.
  • Q. How is the exchange rate determined?
    A. We will pay the equivalent amount of Bitcoin to USD under Bitcoin-USD rate at the time of cash out from us.
  • Q. What is Bitcoin Wallet Address?
    A. There is a unique QR code and Wallet Address for each Bitcoin Wallet holders. The address is used for Bitcoin transactions.

Please copy your Wallet Address and paste it when you register your Reward Payment Information to avoid any typo.



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