Congratulations to the TOP 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Awardees of 2016!

The TOP 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Awardees of Year 2016 have started to receive their Certificate of Appreciation and Original BF SUPPORTERS Polo-shirts. We are pleased to see the motivated BF SUPPORTERS with great passion and getting connected even tighter with each other than ever before.

Top BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Awardees from Zimbabwe during the Award Ceremony in Harare

BFS ID 323462

Tanki Pule (Lesotho)

“ I’m very thankful to have achieved this mark, and it brings more added challenge to try and buy more cars.


BFS ID 50881


“Thank you very much for the special polo-shirts for TOP 100 BFS and a
Certificate of Appreciation. I received them – thanks BE FORWARD. This year I
promise to work hard in order to make a good business relationship.”


BFS ID 86452

Omar Ali (Tanzania)

“Thank you so much and I am very pleased to be in the Top 100. Being awarded as a winner has a broad meaning.”


BFS ID 198919

Bahaeddin alsaad (Jamaica)

“Thank you for the certificate and polo shirts”


BFS ID 209643



BFS ID 13358

Patrick Wasakara (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 20834

Trymore Mpiwa (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 20060

Tongai Sibamda (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 44318

James Mukwara (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 10855

Takwirira S Kajokoto (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 11231

Honest Mtembo (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 14290

Shelton Zinyuke (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 14800

Kudzanayi Tafa (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 16950

Tinei Kubiku (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 22233

Elias Kadzviti (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 19178

Brighton Tendai Kidney (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 47112

Wallas Madamombe (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 14796

Darlington Charuma (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 40070



BFS ID 21040

Marange Knowledge Dzangu (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 21105

Noah Mashingaidze (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 10170

Joseph Tshuma (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 23183

Tanyanyiwa Nyadare (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 34118

Richard Dzotsa (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 16934

Joseph Mubaira (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 11690

Walter Munzvenga (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 39039

Tinashe Mazhura (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 10197

Peason Chikanga (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 18678

Tapiwa Mapingire (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 17477
Clemence Chindori (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 12483

Evans Mbasopi (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 11096

Emmanuel Muchongwe(Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 12939

Daniel Bakolo (Zimbabwe)


BFS ID 20222

Tamuka Mapingire (Zimbabwe)

The Certificates and Polo-shirts are being distributed to the Awardees from 15 different countries. We are looking forward to holding another Award in 2017.


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One thought on “Congratulations to the TOP 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Awardees of 2016!

  1. Muhangi M

    Comment;thank you for recognizing them,but,we too would love it & gives BFs courage & confidence!


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