NEW “BUY HERE” Signage and the Terms of Use

We are pleased to announce that the new version of “BUY HERE” signage is now released! Your BFS ID and phone number will show up on it, so it is suitable for placing it outside of your office to attract more customers.

New marketing materials are released every week, so we recommend you to check your BFS account frequently so not to miss the updates!

The main goal is to keep providing a variety of marketing tools for BF Supporters so that you can reach out to more customers, such as: “Hey! You can buy a good car with me.”



Just like any other corporation, BE FORWARD also has terms of use on the use of the “BE FORWARD” and “BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS” logo and the company name.
Please make sure to use the Marketing Materials we provide, as they are created according to the terms of use. You can download them from your BFS account.

Download Marketing Materials


Do not modify “BE FORWARD” and “BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS” and related icons, logos and marketing materials.
The icons and logos are registered trademarks of BE FORWARD CO., LTD. and are subject to guidelines and restrictions.

Here are some examples of how the BE FORWARD LOGO and name should not be used.






















































Please feel free to give us your opinions or suggestions; what kind of design your customers like, what information should show on the marketing materials, etc.We are waiting for your ideas!
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2 thoughts on “NEW “BUY HERE” Signage and the Terms of Use

  1. Taurai Mashiri

    Thanks a lot on the banner but also I would like to make a suggestion on the BFS I’d cards to have a photo of the bf supporters not sure how possible that can be?


  2. Lameck

    I don’t know if Yoko still remembers but we asked for profiles that would show our details as well as our pictures preferably on my page. So every BFS supporter would have his/her own link that would lead directly to his profile. The customer would then use the link to check your details and they would believe you more.


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