Uploading Your Identification Card Starting April 1st Is a Must!

Please be advised that from April 1st, 2017, uploading of Identification card will be mandatory for BF SUPPORTERS for payments of Rewards and Bonuses.

In order to avoid delay on the receipt of your Rewards and Bonuses, make sure to upload your ID on your BFS Account as soon as possible.

Login to your BFS Account, select “Account” from the top menu. Click “Edit Payment Account”, re-enter your Password again to edit your Reward Payment Information. Click “Upload your ID copy”, select the file of your ID and upload.

Any of the following photo IDs can be accepted: Passport, National ID, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID or any other ID issued by any government or accredited private institutions.



Be careful in uploading your ID because once you’ve uploaded it, you cannot change or undo the process. If you wish to change your ID, please send us a request at top@beforward.jp with your attached replacement.

Without your ID, your payment will not be processed starting April 1st, so make sure to upload it the soonest possible time!


Upload Your ID Now




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One thought on “Uploading Your Identification Card Starting April 1st Is a Must!

  1. Godfrey Sazande

    Beforward is a car supplier to trust ,leading with fastest response online and good customer service.100 % reliable service delivery. The most good part is that once you pay for a vehicle “it’s their policy that you get that exact car with out a price changes”. I trust Beforward a lot.


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