The First BF Supporters Educational Seminar in Kampala

Uganda’s first BF Supporters Seminar was held at Buganda Road Primary School in Kampala on March 25th, 2017.

The seminar covered important topics such as the process of Vehicle Importation to Uganda, the use of BE FORWARD website and its features, introduction of Delivery options in addition to the use of BFS ID and Members Discount Coupons, how to browse website for car selection and other searches, application of the BFS ID and the use of the Discount Codes available on the website, and explained the meanings of some basic terms (e.g., FOB, CIF, etc.), which was beneficial especially to new members. Introduction and explanation between different options of Delivery and advantages of using City Delivery from Mombasa Port were also discussed.

The seminar was attended by highly-motivated BFS who were very eager to learn.  They all participated by asking questions and exchanging views on how they manage to expand their network and attract new customers and how they usually convince them, which brought life to the discussion. Some highlights during the discussion were about Marketing Strategies, how to promote BE FORWARD as number one brand in Uganda, which according to Mr. Fidel Beebwa, was one of the most interesting topics in the meeting. A big shout of thanks to the facilitators: Mr. Fidel Beebwa and Mr. Sendi Abdalla for their dedication and knowledge imparted with other participants.
A very fruitful discussion among the participants.

Thanks to all those who participated in the first seminar. For those who missed this time, we hope to meet you in the next seminar in Uganda!

Special Thanks to the Facilitators: Mr. Fidel Beebwa and Sendi Abdalla

The Seminar was organized by Fidel (Left on the picture) with cooperation of other facilitators.

Fidel Beebwa
BFS ID 307076
+256 776055555
Kampala, Uganda

Sendi Abdalla
BFS ID 295485
+256 77622258
Kampala, Uganda

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5 thoughts on “The First BF Supporters Educational Seminar in Kampala

  1. kagimu moses

    I hope I will join you soon, thank you for the good work


  2. Kangwamu Fredrick BFS321591

    It was indeed wonderful to hold BFS first seminar in Uganda. Though not physically present, i monitored whatever was going on. It was indeed great and hope that the next seminar will attract a much larger number. We hope that it will be boosted by Mr Kagimu Moses, one the star winners. I thank Beforwardjp for giving the seminar publicity.


  3. karaba sylivason

    This interraction actually adds in more value to Beforward.
    We in South Sudan are eager to have the same seminar to be conducted for our supporters as we all know that this market is very fresh and if tapped well will results in huge benefit.


  4. Daniel

    Sorry, but I didnt know about, had i known , i would have attended please, can you please inform us of the date of the next meeting please, however thanks to the facilitators .


  5. Gift Kusaasira

    It was so good and interesting !!

    It actually motivated me to love and trust befoward the more…


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