Do you subscribed the BE FORWARD News Letter?

Another way to keep yourself updated on News, Promotions, Discount code and much more is signing up for a News Letters. Where do you subscribe? On the same form you make the inquiry you will find a “Check”box just under the “Inquiry” button.

Another Way is just send us an email and ask to add you on the BFS News Letters, We enroll many different campaign, and sometimes you must be receiving a lot of NL from the huge variety of promotion that we have! However If you want only to receive the BFS News Letters, Make sure to check our email address ( ) on your address book from your email, Some of our email might be going to your Spam box, and you might loose a good promotion or campaign because you did not received the News Letter.

NL Check

Make the best use of all the communication tool that you have for a better performance on your Business also to be always ahead on News and Campaigns!


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