Good Customer Care And Adding Value to Services Are The Main Key To Success

Experience of Mr. Evans Mbasopi from Zimbabwe
BFS ID: 12483
WhatsApp: + 263 772 443 777

Mr. Evans Mbasopi has been one of the leading BF SUPPORTERS since we started the BFS Program. He has been successful in building his networks and attracting new customers, and his secrets are simply by rendering his services with good customer care and always adding extra value at all times.

According to him the tips for expanding business network and keeping a good relationship with them are to practice the highest possible degree of customer care and treat them like kings, as the old saying goes, which one must keep in mind is that, “customers are kings”. What goes around comes back around so as you keep building a good relationship with your customers, you are also opening the doors for more referrals because once you win the hearts and minds of customers, they spread rumors to their community.

Mr. Evans main targets are farmers, miners, and public and private sector workers. Since he started his business in the car industry 5 years ago, he has been able to build three offices located in different areas – in Harare, Kwekwe and Gokwe. In Harare, he realized that people go to Internet Cafés for their car shopping. It is online where they search and purchase their vehicle. One day he came up with an idea to open his office near those Internet Cafés so that he could help those customers. Now he is offering a Free Wi-Fi at his offices so that the customers will no longer have to pay for Internet fee. At his office, he assists his customers search for and select their dream car which fits for their intended use and budget, and advises them about payment process, duty process, clearing and delivery process. Knowing the customers’ needs and adding value in delivering quality services for any business are very important component in growing it. One of our main objectives in advancing the BFS Program is seeking such value and characteristics and hoping to incorporate them in all our undertakings as BF SUPPORTERS.

Advertisements and networking both offline and online made him known and brought him more customers as well. He has placed signage on the wall of his offices, which by the way are available for download on BFS Account

His staff wear BF SUPPORTERS T-shirts, which were distributed during the seminar.

He has been using flyers and SNS marketing materials with his own BFS ID and his contact information printed on them. He has been a good adviser and a facilitator for other BF SUPPORTERS in Zimbabwe as well, which brought him more opportunities to get connected with other business partners.


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