Passionate Entrepreneur, Patrick from Karoi, Zimbabwe (Part. 1)

Story of Patrick Wasakara
Karoi, Zimbabwe
BFS ID 13358

Patrick has been running “QuikServ Internet Café” for 6 years in Karoi, a city located about 200 km away from Harare, a capital city of Zimbabwe. He is one of the leading BF SUPPORTERS and made some referrals more than 40 times. He was one of the Bonus Winners in July 2016 and earned $470 in a month.

The services he offers at his office is not limited to Internet service but also printing, photocopying, scanning, computer accessories sales, projector rental, graphic designing, T-shirt printing, PC repair and maintenance. Since 2012, he started assisting his customers who are looking for vehicles from BE FORWARD website. Thinking of importing a vehicle? Then look no further. His staff have a vast experience on cars from private vehicles to commercial vehicles. “Whatever budget one has if they come to our office, we will give them expert advice” according to Patrick.

His main target is farmers. Karoi’s main industry is agro-based. He succeeded in understanding and meeting the needs of people around his area. There are many who would like to use Internet from time to time but no need to have a full Internet access at home. “Karoi Town Centre is the hub of activity within an 80 km radius and due to it being at the Centre of the farming district many of our customers from the farming sector buy Trucks like Nissan Atlas (Engine Model: TD27) and Toyota Dyna proving to be the most popular model to ferry farm produce to the market,” says Patrick.

He also draws customers from transporters who are in business of ferrying people. “They prefer the Nissan Caravan (Engine Model: ZD30) and Toyota Hiace Van (Engine Model: 3L). Toyota Noah and Granvia are also used for less busy routes. We also have intra city transporters who offer Taxi services and they prefer the Toyota Fun Cargo’s, this car has derived its popularity from its robustness, ample room inside, fuel economy and low maintenance cost. Fun Cargo has become a hit and a permanent mark of the Town.”

Private buyers who are in civil service such as teachers, nurses and local business owners come to his office as well. “They prefer vehicles for private use like Toyota Runx and Honda Fit whilst vehicles for family use such as Nadia and Altezza are popular too.”


Most of his customers get to know him through referral of other customers according to him. “The quality of service and product we provide have made us a reputable company in town. Some of our customers get to know about us from the banners we put up outside our premises or from posters we post around busy areas in town. Others get to know from the BE FORWARD T-shirts we wear around. A couple of times, I was asked about how to buy vehicles from a person I do not know in supermarkets queues. Some of them get to know from the BFS marketing materials we use to advertise in our booths in the Internet café. After a client is done with using the Internet, they ask us about BE FORWARD services.”

Patrick’s office in Karoi, Zimbabwe.

He does not charge his customers for consulting when they purchase a vehicle from BE FORWARD. The only fee the customers need to pay is for the Internet use and for printing invoices. As he offers a wide variety of services, he knows his customers will come back to him when they need any of the services after offering good consulting as a BF SUPPORTER. Indeed, he has been a successful entrepreneur with a diversity of services and good customer relationship.

In the next page, Mr. Patrick will answer our interview and will talk how he manages to increase his customers. Read Part 2.


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