Passionate Entrepreneur, Patrick from Karoi, Zimbabwe (Part. 2)

Interview of Patrick Wasakara
Karoi, Zimbabwe
BFS ID 13358

Mr. Patrick has been one of the leading BF SUPPORTERS for more than a year. He made some referrals more than 40 times, became a Bonus Winner in July 2016 and earned $470 in a month as a BF SUPPORTER. To know more about Patrick’s business background, please read Part 1 first.

Q. Could you share some tips for increasing customers?

Here are some tips to increase customers, based on what I did:

a. Extensive Marketing:

  • Get yourself known by using the various marketing materials you can download on the BFS Account.
  • Print as many fliers, brochures, stickers and business cards as possible and use them to get known.
  • Do not limit to print advertising only, embrace social media (Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.) and use it to reach out to many people at less cost.
  • Wear BE FORWARD T-shirts wherever you go.

Printed Business Cards and Stickers       | BE FORWARD T-shirt       |     “Buy Here” signage

b. Good Customer Care

  • In my experience “One happy customer is equal to 5 more potential clients”. Always strive to deliver a near to perfect job to your customers and surely you will build a reputation that will bring your client base mushrooming as good stories of your services will be spreading in areas that you can’t reach.
  • Once people trust your services then your customer base grows.
  • Also offer after sales phone calls; these cement relationships and offer you a chance in securing future purchases.

c. Be Knowledgeable

  • It is important that you know about:
    • Car models
    • Current deals of BE FORWARD Website
    • Prices
    • Engine models and fuel consumption
    • Costs associated with importing each vehicle
    • Duty calculations with Local revenue authority
    • Options available to the client on Clearing and Delivery
  • Always make sure that you clearly state all the necessary costs associated with each vehicle such that the clients buy a vehicle within his/ her budget.


Q. What efforts have you made to have extensive knowledge as a BF SUPPORTER?

  • I check and read this BF SUPPORTERS blog to make sure I’m getting updates every day. This enables me to be knowledgeable on a lot of car models such that when recommending vehicles I will present accurate facts to clients.
  • I browse stock on every day so as to keep the current prices at my tips because there are moments when I get phone calls asking for a price of a certain vehicle and I have to know the current price ranges.
  • I do follow ups to emails I receive from BE FORWARD on new products and website features such as Buy Now and Wish List services. These features increase productivity a lot and are much appreciated by customers as they bring clarity and ease of buying to them.
  • I participate in BFS WhatsApp groups where ideas and experiences with other BF SUPPORTERS are shared. This community helps a lot as they are like a Wikipedia of BE FORWARD.
  • I do attend BFS seminars which are very informative.

Thank you very much Patrick for sharing your experience and tips!
Please feel free to leave comments.


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