March Campaign 3rd Bonus Winner: Josephat Mugumba

Congratulations to Mr. Josephat Mugumba from Botswana for winning the Bonus in our March campaign. Earned a total Bonus of $760.

  1. What are the top 5 things on your TO DO List in making sure that you’ll win again?

  • Constantly checking the stock on BE FORWARD website and updating my prospective clients regularly about any specials and discounts.
  • Advertising any identified outstanding vehicle to my prospective clients.
  • Sharing my BF SUPPORTERS ID with my clients for them to get discounts on any vehicle purchased.
  • Negotiating for good deals for my clients, Issuing BF SUPPORTERS campaign materials to the clients.
  • Explaining the advantages of buying vehicles only from BE FORWARD and giving clients assurance that they get actually what they would have paid for.


Please share your happiest moments as a BF SUPPORTER.

My happiest moment as a BF SUPPORTER is when I was told that I am one of the bonus winners again for the March 2017 Campaign. This is my second time winning.


Please describe your daily activities as a BF SUPPORTER.

Browsing the stock lists on BE FORWARD website and updating my clients about any special offers. Keeping in constant contact with my old and new customers.


How do you stay motivated? Please share your secret to inspire other BF SUPPORTERS.

I am always motivated by seeing how other people have managed to take part in BE FORWARD’s campaigns and also winning.


How do you easily refer your friends to BE FORWARD?

I use social media like WhatsApp and Facebook to share BE FORWARD high quality cars.

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