BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS First Educational Seminar in Malawi

The first educational seminar for BF SUPPORTERS in Malawi was held in Lilongwe on April 1st, 2017. Thirty four of some of the most highly committed members gathered together for this seminar and learnt and discussed about various topics related to BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS for about five hours.

The seminar covered not only the mechanics of the BF SUPPORTERS Program but also went through the ways on how to use the different features on BE FORWARD website such as Wish List and Discount Coupon, Import Process, Taxation rules and rates in Malawi.

The participants exchanged their opinions on how to raise the level of engagement among the Malawian BF SUPPORTERS and at the end, they were able to successfully organize a committee for it.

We thank Mr. Grivin Sauka a lot for organizing and being the facilitator for this seminar. He has been one of the leading BF SUPPORTERS in Malawi and got ranked one of the TOP 5 winners in August, 2016.


We thank all the members who participated and for their valuable contributions. For those who could not participate this time, we hope to see you in the next seminar!

Facilitator: Grivin Sauka
BFS ID 26069
Lilongwe, Malawi
Mobile: +265 999 683872

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2 thoughts on “BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS First Educational Seminar in Malawi

  1. Geofrey Liford

    Thank you very much it was fruitful serminar indeed i get alot from it as one individual who attend the seminar thank you Mr sauka and the whole Beforward suppoter team together we can make


  2. Alex Phiri

    Thank you so very much Mr Saukira for organizing such a wonderful event.


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