Reward Payment by MoneyGram Now Available for Zambia BF Supporters

MoneyGram as reward payment method is now available for Zambia BF Supporters. It has just been released yesterday May 9th, 2017.


Select Moneygram as payment method

Here’s how to choose MoneyGram as your Reward Payment Method.

  1. Fill out the “Your Reward Payment Information” form as shown above. Make sure to fill out the form with your First Name, Middle Name and Last Name correctly, as shown on your National ID or Passport. A reference number will be sent to you to collect your reward, so make sure that the information you will enter on the above form are the same as your IDs to be presented for verification by the bank or Moneygram agent.


  1. Upload a copy of your Identification Card (ID). Make sure to upload your ID (National ID, Passport, or Driver’s License). BF Supporters that have not uploaded their ID will not be eligible to receive reward. Uploading of ID is mandatory for all payment methods. In case you uploaded a picture by mistake, please send the correct copy of ID to our email at so we will update your information for you.


Select Moneygram as Payment Method

Edit Your Payment Method

Upload your ID Copy

Upload your National ID

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