Why Should You Login to BE FORWARD Website?

You should log in so you won’t miss any reward. We want you, our BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS not to miss any reward for all of your referrals, so we made a system that automatically inserts your BFS ID on the order/inquiry form by default as long as you are logged in to our website.

Never miss a reward again | Make sure to log in

When you visit our website, make sure to log in to My Page before start browsing.

Enter your login details, email address and password.


Once logged in, your name will be displayed on the top right header “Hello, Leo” in my case.


If you are a registered BF Supporter, whenever you browse a vehicle, your BFS ID is automatically inserted on the order/inquiry form, together with your name and profile picture, as shown below.

Try it out now!

Step 1. Visit www.beforward.jp
Step 2. Log in
Step 3. Select any vehicle

You will see that your BFS ID is inserted on the inquiry form automatically.

* Note: Please upload a copy of your ID to avoid delay on your reward payment. More Info


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