Mr Kondwani Mbuluma Malawi Winner

We BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Team, We Love to share  the success of ours Supporters. Here is another very interesting Supporter who made he ways to be on the Top of Malawi’s sales in June, hard worker lead the Ranking for the second time this year. Congratulations!! Hope we can have the Chance to make Another post of you.

Here it is Mr Kondwani’s testimonial

” Dear Brothers
I thank you so much for your email please I am sorry I was not around.”
What will you use the bonus for? The bonus will be used for my new
Development and other things.
・How is your feeling for next campaign? My feelings on the coming
Up the campaign I will just work hard in order to win again.
・What is the secret of your success? 
My success is having a good Relation with different customers and also with you again.





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