May Campaign 3rd Bonus Winner: Tanki Pule

Tanki Pule-3rd-Winner-BFS-ID-325589-Lesotho)-$570

Congratulations to Mr. Tanki Pule from Lesotho for winning the Bonus in our May campaign!  Earned a Total Bonus of $570.

What made you interested in cars or BE FORWARD?

BE FORWARD has very affordable prices.

How does BF SUPPORTERS Program color your life?

The program has made positive changes in my life.

Could you introduce the advertisement method/s you use and send us pictures? (SNS link, Flyers, Signage etc.)

I use Facebook… Please search for Tichere Pule.

How would you like to expand your business in the future? Please tell us about your dream.

I would like to get into car parts business.

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