June Campaign 2nd Bonus Winner: Tapiwa Mapingire

June Campaign 2nd Bonus Winner- Tapiwa Mapingire

Congratulations to Mr. Tapiwa Mapingire from Zimbabwe for winning the Bonus in our June campaign!  Earned a Total Bonus of $770.

What will you do with your reward?

With the money I won, I need to improve my marketing systems e.g., buy more
laptops and renovate my office so that it will be shown to my clients that I am well organized.

What would you do if you have to advertise your BFS ID but there are no marketing materials supplied from BE FORWARD?

I will use my money to print and do all what is needed for marketing because this will make me get more clients.

This is a sample of our big Poster in remote areas:


What are the benefits of being a BF Supporter?

The benefit of being a BE FORWARD Supporter is that we get special discounts
and our clients, also as BFS, we get unlimited rewards, therefore if we work
hard more rewards are given to us.

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