June Campaign 3rd Bonus Winner: Mr. Evans Mbasopi

Evans Mbasopi

Congratulations to Mr. Evans Mbasopi from Lesotho for winning the Bonus in our June campaign!  Earned a Total Bonus of $520.

What will you do with your reward?

I will use the rewards to pay for my vehicle purchased with Bitcoin. I had a shortfall on my purchase price so this has come as a blessing in disguise.

What are your Techniques to Advertise your BFS ID more efficiently?

I do advertise my BFS I.D. through Facebook, WhatsApp groups, downloadable materials on my Dashboard e.g., business cards and flyers.

What would you do if you have to advertise your BFS ID but there are no marketing materials supplied from BE FORWARD?

I would create my own marketing materials or do road shows in town, gathering people and addressing them using a PA system; educating them about BE FORWARD vehicle purchase system.

What are the benefits of being a BF Supporter?

Benefits of being a BFS are many. Upon vehicle purchase I may negotiate the price with my salesperson. I earn rewards for every vehicle purchase as a BFS – only by being a Supporter with a tag or BFS I.D.; it’s a motivational tool whereby one feels being part and parcel of BE FORWARD family and it also empowers one to thrive to work very hard. Being a BFS, we can share with other more senior BFS what we happen to have a misunderstanding of some buying techniques or any questions and can be tackled easily especially via WhatsApp group.

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