50,000 Members Celebration! $100 Discount Coupon or $50 Cashback for Top 50 Supporters!

BFS 50000 Members Celebration

We are pleased to announce that our BF SUPPORTERS team has reached 50,000 members! We thank each of you for working with us. As a celebration for reaching the 50,000 members, we are offering special bonuses for the top 50 Supporters. Do not miss this chance to earn more!

Promotion Period: July 19th to August 18th, 2017

Special Bonuses: Choose either $50 Cashback or $100 Discount Coupon, which can be used for these electronic products.

Who can win the Special Bonuses?
The special bonuses are given to the TOP 50 BF SUPPORTERS with the most referrals and highest sales during the promotion period.

* The issuance date of Proforma Invoices must be within the promotion period. (Japan Standard Time)
* In case of a tie, the one with the highest FOB prices in total sales will be the winners.
* The bonus winners of July will receive the regular bonuses ($500,$400,$300,$200,$100) and they are exempted from this promotion.


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