July Campaign 5th Bonus Winner: Mr. Dennis Gontha

Congratulations to Mr. Dennis Gontha from Malawi for winning the Bonus in our July campaign!  Earned a Total Bonus of $400.

What are you going to use the money for?

I will use the money to boost my business.

Please share one of your tips in detail how to increase your sales.

I normally interact with customers of all kind, and I always assist them
in one way or the other when there is a need. I do this for the betterment
of my success.

What knowledge/skill do you think is the most important to be a

Advertising using the marketing materials is something vital.

What is your plan moving forward to the next level?

Hardworking and good customer relationship can make me see the light at
the end of the tunnel.

Mr. Dennis Gontha and his customer:


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