BFS Gold Members Started Receiving Certificates!

We are excited to receive HAPPY Voices from our BFS Gold Members. 258 BF SUPPORTERS have been upgraded to Gold Membership while 320 to Silver Membership.

If you become a BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Gold Member or Silver Member, you can enjoy more privileges. One of the benefits you can get as a Gold Member is exclusive marketing materials and a Certificate issued officially by BE FORWARD.

The Certificate and Gold Membership stickers can be used to advertise yourself more as proofs of high performance recognized by BE FORWARD.

BE FORWARD honors those Supporters who consistently maintain the volume of referrals and reward. The additional criteria is high Close Rate (Percentage of successful referral out of issued Proforma Invoice).

Gold Members of the 1st term of this program (Grading Period: January to June, 2017) have started receiving the Certificate, Polo-shirt and limited edition of stickers and sent us their testimonials. Please refer below.

BFS ID 306584, Susan Molebatsi from Botswana


BFS ID 133256, Eria Samuel Gomori from Zimbabwe

“Personally I’m looking forward to building a strong business relationship.”


BFS ID 213640, Monaise Cartwright from Bahamas


BFS ID 272345, Daniel Batekereza from Uganda

“I am very happy that you considered me as a Gold member.”


BFS ID 47112, Wallas Madamombe from Zimbabwe

“Thanks for honoring and certifying me as a Gold member. I will keep on supporting BE FORWARD.”


BFS ID 294446, Ezekiel Matibiri from Zimbabwe


BFS ID 349119, Ojuku Emmanuel Mugube from Tanzania

“I’m very happy officially to be certified as a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER and a GOLD MEMBER, I appreciate your company.”


BFS ID 126667, Celestino Andre Lipulane from Mozambique

“I have the honor to receive Gold Member Certificate and Polp-shirt.”


BFS ID 426105, BUKURU SADIKI from Burundi

“I’m very happy with my polo shirt. The Gold Membership stickers are already attached to my car. Thank you BE FORWARD.”




BFS ID 350850, Tsepo Letsie from Lesotho


BFS ID 160385, Claiton Mario Jorge from Mozambique

“Thanks BE FORWARD for the distinction and giving me the opportunity to collaborative with such a great company. I am very happy.”


BFS ID 420816 JOSEPH CHANDA from Zambia

“Thanks for everything and your support. I did receive all the things you sent to me.”

BFS ID 389501 MAKHOHA MICHAEL from Uganda

“The Gold Member Certificate will be used to promote BE FORWARD cars, the most reliable and good Japanese cars which people should buy.”

BFS ID 393991 TANNIEL DAMES from Bahamas


To learn more about Gold and Silver Membership privileges and criteria, please visit HERE.


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