BFS Seminar Report in Bulawayo and Gweru

The seminars for BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS were held in Bulawayo and Gweru on July 28th and 29th.

Ninety seven BF Supporters gathered together for these seminars and learnt and discussed various topics covered such as BE FORWARD History and its Vision, How to find effectively the cars that customers want, Import Process and Duty Calculations, Utilization of My Account Page and BFS Account, How to increase sales, Case Study, and Advertising. 


“I found the seminar very useful for my future business with BE FORWARD.” said Mapakurire Vengesa who participated in Gweru Seminar.


“The Seminar was enlightening and helpful in understanding” said Dewah Honest who participated in Bulawayo Seminar.


Not only from the lecture by the facilitator, but many of the participants learnt by having discussions and by getting to know each other.


We thank all of those who participated in these seminars, especially the facilitator Mr. Evans (BFS ID 12483) who prepared the seminar and gave lecture.

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