You have signed up for the BF Supporters, Welcome to the team! You just joined and don’t know what should be the next step, find some simple tips here.

You probably have been introducing your friends to different services, Stores, Shops, Web Sites and etc. I remember first time I accessed Google by a friend introduction “Check this Website you can find anything you want in the web on it”. That’s the power of Word of Mouth. The Same Happened with Facebook first time it was online, you only could join the platform by invitation of someone who was already a member.

Small companies, Big companies growth faster when have people talking about your product to their friends. If you have the best Pizza ever in a restaurant you probably will recommend to your friends and family or even go back there with then. The concept of BF Supporters is pretty much the same, You know where to buy good cars with the best price, now just need to find friends or family who is looking forward to purchase a vehicle, Maybe you have a friend who is taking a Drive License, the Mechanic Garage in your City, The farmer who might need a truck or van…

Print your Business Card, the Catalogs and spread your BFS ID, learn how to purchase from BE FORWARD web site, Our Sales Team will help you in all the process, just need to follow the instructions on the emails. If you have any question, just need to send an email and we will be here to support you.

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26 thoughts on “YOU HAVE SIGNED UP!! WHAT’S NEXT?

  1. Florian Mangasini

    I want to know how to purchase from Befoward so that I can be in a better position to explain to customers in needy. Moreover, what is the best calculator for import duties and/or taxes in Tanzania mainland.


    1. beforward

      Thank your for your comment. Please contact us through the email: the sales perosn can assist you in all the import process. Regarding the Tax/ duties we recommend to contact our Local Office in Dar Es Salaam for a better explanation. prices might vary according to the vehicle type, model, Manufacture year and also engine power. Please refer to the link below to find a BF Local office in Tanzania:


    2. Mariam Mahonge

      Hi Florian I’m new BEFORWARD Supporter in Tanzania too, Please contact me through my Email address or Facebook and Instagram @mariam_mahonge
      I need more experience about this business


  2. Husein Hembe

    I need to know how to purchase on be forward in order to make awareness for customers


    1. beforward

      Thank you for your comment. Please contact our sales person for a full explanation on how to buy from Be forward. There is a marketing material available on your Dashboard as well.
      On our web site please click on the following link to see “How To Buy”
      Thank you.


  3. Namasiku Kalila

    How do i refer my friends?i have a lot of friends to refer to you. thank you. Namasiku


  4. Lucy Wilson

    I am already a member, but its best I purchase a car first to convince my clients and also to prove that yes, I am familiar will all the shipping procedures.

    My wish car should be below $1, 000.00

    Thank you


  5. Mariam Mahonge

    I need to have my own referral link with my ID number 348775, it will be easier for me to share with friends. Please any Beforward member in Tanzania contact me through my Email


  6. Leonard Nkandu

    Am a new member for beforward supporters. I need to know how to purchase a Vehicle so that I may also show my friends how to it. Secondly I need to purchase my own Vehicle to convince my friends, especialy where discounts is concend, this will be easy for me to spreading news at my work place and to my Church members. Thanx!



    Am still new here. May you assist me on how to refer my friends into this business.
    Bandale patrick.



    Thank you for considering me to be one of beforward supporters. I am asking for necessary knowledge on how to purchase and deliver your products to a purchaser so that it will help me to deseminate correct information to customers world wide.


  9. lion Eric

    Am already member. Thank


  10. Jack Topa

    Thank you for considering me to be one of beforward supporters.
    Am the first supporter in my country I think.
    There its best I need to owe a car to advertise to my friends to convince and gain experience on the shipping procedures.

    Thank you.


  11. Brian Ntegeka

    Hi I am new here and would like to know how I can refer this best deal to the people and friends living in my area at large


  12. musonda jordan

    Comment thank you for accepting me as a new be forward member now furnish me with all the details of how to buy a car from your destination to zambia


  13. Matlotlo Sello

    Hi,I’m also new, but I honesty think that you’ll help me every step of the way. I am from Maseru Lesotho.


  14. iga

    Hi am proud of joining the team


  15. Wilson Gosisa

    Hi, thank you so much for adding me as a member. I am very excited to work with you all in assisting others in my region (Papua New Guinea) & other pacific island nations to purchase vehicle.

    Thank you so much


  16. Ally Ngowo

    Thankx very for accept me as a member. Im ptoud to be one of the BE FORWADIND Supporter.


  17. Ndagire ruth

    Am happy to join the beforward team am from Kampala ( Uganda) thanks


  18. Zavery Nziku

    I take this opportunity to appreciate what you do especially production of quality cars.
    I have joined you so as to publish to my fellows and my friends about your products.I still learning from you.


  19. Yusuph

    I’m proud to be one of be foward supporter


  20. Adam

    I’m happy to be befoward supporter in Tanzania.


  21. WWW.XMC.PL

    Incredibly Too bad there arent many blogs of this calibre today. I think the second paragraph pretty much says everything.


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