2nd Winner of the Share Your Smart Link and Win Promotion!

2nd Winner of the Share Your Smart Link and Win Promotion!

Congratulations to Mr. Tinashe Mazhura from Zimbabwe for winning the Share Your Smart Link and Win Promotion! Let’s learn how he generated a lots of leads from his smart link and learn some tips on how he administers his business successfully.



This is his link on Facebook for the Promotion↓



1.What are the benefits of buying cars from BE FORWARD?
I get quality & cheaper cars from BE FORWARD. It is also easier to
use the website especially My Page dashboard and I get good discounts.

2.What are the differences between BE FORWARD and other dealers?
I get variety of cars & great discounts. BE FORWARD rewards us as
supporters unlike other dealers.

3.How do you motivate yourself when your business is slow?
I remain focused on my business, plus in business there are ups & downs
but I keep on going forward.

4.What are the differences between YOU and other dealers in your country? (Zimbabwe)
Unlike other dealers, I give my clients enough information when they’re
inquiring on cars. I also buy units for reselling here in Zimbabwe. So I don’t just rely on clients but I also import for my business.

5. What are your techniques to advertise or sell more cars?
The technique is to know more people, having a reputable business so that I
am able to lure more clients.

I also run a Facebook page on importing vehicles. Referrals also play a
major role in my business.

6. Anything that you would like to share?
Honesty pays more in business than duping clients their hard earned
money. Also clients have to be furnished with adequate information.

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