Smartphone or Desktop PC?

That can be a very long conversation, especially on the Life style we have know, Technology is even more present in our lives. Making Life Simple and accessible, You don’t even need to go the Supermarket  to buy groceries. BE FORWARD is a online based company, Most of the updates we do on Desktop access we also do on Mobile, Hopefully soon we will be launching our App. The Main topic of this Blog Is BF Supporters, so here is a very quickly post to updated you of the Smartphone view of the inquiry page. it is very similar with the Desktop view, even though someone might miss to fill the BFS ID number When make the inquiry through the Smartphone.

Dear Supporters, Insert your BFS ID even if you just curious about the quotation, if in any case you  asked for the Proforma Invoice Later and  succeed on payment, it will be registered already to receive the Cashback Reward.

So… Do you access our web site on Mobile or Desktop?

Leave your comments Below.

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  1. janet

    yes I access but there is a certain brand of a car that a customer was asking and I can’t find it in the list Kompresser FPI


    1. beforward

      Thank you for your comment. Regarding the vehicles you cannot find in our Stock, Please send an email to with the following information about the vehicle:
      Manufacture year:
      On the Email write that you want make an Auction order, so the sales in Charge will assist you to find the vehicle you are looking for.
      Thank you!


    2. Jane

      Advertise the BFS supporters to the various platforms that can be easily reachable by your friends or rather business people make any purchases be through your ID and claim your pay back thank you .


  2. Tavengwa M Nhongo

    Question: Do the BFS’s get discounts when they buy cars?


    1. beforward

      Thank you for your comment Mr Tavengwa.
      When your referral apply your BFS ID the system give $15 first discount, after receive the quotation through email, they can negotiate the @rice with the sales person in charge.
      Thank you!


  3. GATETE Arthur

    thank you for accepted me to work together with you. but how can I get link in order to make advertising at my social Media?


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