How to Promote Your BFS ID Efficiently?(Part 1)

Many of you may be asking the same question: “How can I promote my BFS ID efficiently?” Well, there are so many ways to promote your BFS ID and increase your sales fast and easy! Let’s see below how other BE FORWARD Supporters are promoting their BFS IDs.


Here are different ways to Promote Your BFS ID shared by other BF Supporters:

– Use the free marketing materials provided by BE FORWARD

– Share your BFS ID/Smart Link through SNS (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, etc.)

– Do Street Promotion

– Use Car Advertisement

– Use Office Signage

– Use Newspaper Advertisement

– Do Office Decoration

And many more…


BFS ID 223379, Mr. Marshal Shandavu (Zambia)

– Car Advertisement


BFS ID 10170, Mr. JOSEPH TSHUMA (Zimbabwe)

– Office Signage

– Office Decoration


BFS ID 10170, Mr. Dingilizwe Evans Mbasopi (Zimbabwe)

– Street Promotion

– Office Signage

– Office Decoration


BFS ID 20834, Mr. trymore mpiwa (Zimbabwe)

– Office Signage


BFS ID 26115, Mr. Peter Modestus (Tanzania)

– Office Signage

– Office Decoration



Smart Link is available from HERE

Marketing Materials are downloadable from HERE


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