September Campaign 4th Bonus Winner: Mr. Moses Chapomboloka Banda

Congratulations to Mr. Moses Chapomboloka Banda from Malawi for winning the Bonus in our September campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $450.


What are the benefits of buying cars from BE FORWARD?

Most of the time, BE FORWARD has cheap units in their stock list.

What are the differences between BE FORWARD and other dealers?

BE FORWARD has cheap units compared to other dealers and their agents are
cordial during negotiations.

How do you motivate yourself when your business is slow?

I believe this “If you believe in what you are doing, why should
disappointment separate you from it? If you believe in your business, why
should failure cause you to abandon it? “

What are the differences between YOU and other dealers in your country?

Hahahahaha… I don’t know but I believe in what I am doing and My Faith
is what keeps me going or moving!

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