Mr Ngereza From Tanzania

Here is another hard work Winner from Tanzania.

Mr Ngereza was the first place winner of the February campaign.

Q: “What will you use the bonus for?”

A: I will use the bonus to service my vehicles that i previously bought from Be Forward and use it to support my daily life expenses

Q: “What is the secret to your success?”

A: The secret of my success is the high quality of cars from Be Forward, everyone I tell about Be Forward and get to see my cars I have bought from Be Forward they become so impressed and decide to purchase their vehicles from Be Forward too.
I have bought 6 cars of my own from Be Forward.

So when people sees my cars, they want to go the same way to buy their own.

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2 thoughts on “Mr Ngereza From Tanzania

  1. Mariam Mahonge

    I’m so impressed From Mr Ngereza can I get in touch with him, I’m new BEFORWARD Supporter in Tanzania I don’t know How to do this business especially on advertising , I want to Learn one day I will be more Successful BEFORWARD supporter
    My whatsapp number 071903063
    Facebook and Instagram @Mariam_mahonge


  2. Leonard Nkandu

    Am inspired, yes a leader leads by example, how can someone convince others for what they dont have.How can you lead your fellow blind man, when both are blind? You can lead a blind man when you’r not blind. People can be convicend when all beforward supporters have their own good Vehicles.


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