Mr Ngereza From Tanzania

Here is another hard work Winner from Tanzania.

Mr Ngereza was the first place winner of the February campaign.

Q: “What will you use the bonus for?”

A: I will use the bonus to service my vehicles that i previously bought from Be Forward and use it to support my daily life expenses

Q: “What is the secret to your success?”

A: The secret of my success is the high quality of cars from Be Forward, everyone I tell about Be Forward and get to see my cars I have bought from Be Forward they become so impressed and decide to purchase their vehicles from Be Forward too.
I have bought 6 cars of my own from Be Forward.

So when people sees my cars, they want to go the same way to buy their own.

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4 thoughts on “Mr Ngereza From Tanzania

  1. Mariam Mahonge

    I’m so impressed From Mr Ngereza can I get in touch with him, I’m new BEFORWARD Supporter in Tanzania I don’t know How to do this business especially on advertising , I want to Learn one day I will be more Successful BEFORWARD supporter
    My whatsapp number 071903063
    Facebook and Instagram @Mariam_mahonge


  2. Leonard Nkandu

    Am inspired, yes a leader leads by example, how can someone convince others for what they dont have.How can you lead your fellow blind man, when both are blind? You can lead a blind man when you’r not blind. People can be convicend when all beforward supporters have their own good Vehicles.


  3. Tinotenda

    Is there any discount when I’m buying my own car


    1. WBN_Charisse

      When you/ your friend order using a Buy Now from our website, please apply your BFS ID.
      $15 discounts (for vehicle) will be automatically applied to the order, and you can earn reward points once the full payment is confirmed.

      For the Auto parts, the BFS ID discount is 3% of item price.
      (If the BFS ID discount price is under $1, the discount will no be applied.)

      With BUY NOW you can RESERVE and BUY vehicles instantly any time.
      In addition, get exclusive Discounts and earn BF Points!

      Please use your BFS ID when you use BUY NOW function. Without using BUY NOW function, you will not be able to earn the BFS rewards.

      Learn How to Order via Buy Now in the link below:


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