August Campaign! New Bonuses, Africa Cup, Caribbean&Oceania CUP!!!

New Month, New Campaign!

August 1st, as every beginning of month we start new Bonus and Rewards! This month we have some very Hot News For our Supporters. African Cup! 5 Bonuses for 6 countries in Africa that are on the Supporters program, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, South Sudan and Mozambique. More Supporters have more chances to win a bonus every month! The same contest we are announcing for Caribbeans&Oceania countries, that are on the program.  One Bonus of $300, you might been asking yourself Why only one bonuses for Caribbean&Oceania CUP, Is only the second month of the campaign and we do not have enough Members to Provide bigger bonuses, Same as the countries in Africa we started with a small bonuses, and If the people get more evolved, we can also change the amount!

The Bonus winner of last month on the Global BFS was a Supporter form Mozambique.

Hopefully next week we will have the pictures and testimonial of all the winner from June.

6 Supporters in total!



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2 thoughts on “August Campaign! New Bonuses, Africa Cup, Caribbean&Oceania CUP!!!

  1. issah

    I have read and understood hope will get in touch. and am happy for the information you presented
    to us.


    1. beforward

      Thank you for your comment! Please stay tuned on our Blog.


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