Hurry! Gold Membership 2nd Grading Period is Ending Soon!


To all our hardworking BFS, 2017 is almost over and we will be announcing the Gold members for the 2nd grading period of 2017 in the middle of January 2018.

Enjoy more privileges as your status rises to Gold Membership. You still have a chance to become a BFS GOLD member and together with the current GOLD members, you will be receiving Certificates and other exclusive BFS goods. So make sure to refer at least 3 of your friends before the 2nd grading period ends.

Grading Period: June 1st – December 31st, 2017
Announcement date:
Middle of January, 2018

Gold Members will be receiving the following:

* Certificate (1)

* Limited Edition Stickers (2)

* Polo Shirt (1)

*??????(Will be announced soon)


Criteria For Upgrading

Gold Membership

  • Must make more than 3 Referrals during the above grading period
  • Must earn more than $80 reward during the above grading period (bonus reward earned by promotion does not count)
  • Must make close rate higher than 80% during the above grading period (this means you have to make sure to make payment for the issued Proforma Invoices)

To view your status now, please login to your BFS Account and see how far or close you are for the upgrade.


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