Mr ISAC ILAL July’s Winner from Mozambique!

Today we are here to announce one of the Bonuses Winners! Mr Isac Ilal From Mozambique. Would you like to be the Next Winner? Would like to make extra money every month? Please check Mr Isac’s Words from the BF Supporters.

Q. What will do with the Bonus?
A. With the bonus that I won, I will continue my construction project of my home.

Q. What is the secret to become the top seller of the month?
A. The secret to become top winner of the month should be the result of continuous sales, that I have been doing over the last two years. And sell only cars from Be Forward brought enough confidence to my clients because all vehicles that I have seeing has quality and never had problems. Up until now my customers did not complained. Also received  the vehicles on time and in perfect condition.

Q. Talk about your business and what future you want to take your name as BF Supporter.
A. When I started selling cars of Be Forward, two and a half years ago, I always had with me the goal to open a representation of Be Forward in Mozambique. I realize that this is a project that could take years. But, I’ll not give up until I reach the point of being a representative of the Be Forward in Mozambique. Buy cars only from Be Forward and I have had enough successes. I am already well known and have become a BF Supporter is the beginning of consolidation my business.

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2 thoughts on “Mr ISAC ILAL July’s Winner from Mozambique!

  1. Elisante Geje

    Comment My Is Elisante Geje from Tanzania my BFS 🆔 239186 am Publishing it 2 inform my friends Neighbours & every one social medias let’s keep each other together


    1. beforward

      Thank you for your comment Elisante Geje. We hope to see you on the Leader rank someday!


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