Getting on Marketing!

Hello SUPPORTERS how are you today?

This post I will talk about one of the most important steps for you create your Successful Business.

How advertise your name and BFS ID using the marketing materials available for you on your Dashboard.

By simply clicking on the pictures you will download the selected file: Flyers, Poster in different sizes, Vehicle Catalog,

Educational Posters, Business Card and much more.

The most attractive feature on the Materials it’s all customized with your information, Name, Telephone Number,

Email address and the most important your BFS ID.

*NOTE (To have all information displayed on the marketing materials, please complete all the personal and payment information).

Print the Business Card and Give to your friends or customers, Print the Poster or flyers and spread in your town or Local Market.

If you have you Shop or any kind of business, Print the HOT SPOT and Let everyone know they can Buy a vehicle from BE FORWARD with you!

Login on your Dashboard, Make the download and Let me Know on the comments how are you using it.

Have a nice day SUPPORTERS!

680 x 260 home page V2 115

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