BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Seminar in Kampala, Uganda on December 9th, 2017

The seminar for BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS in Uganda was held in Kampala on December 9th, 2017.

Thirty nine (39) BF Supporters have gathered together for the seminar, also some non-BF Supporters were invited to learn and discuss about various topics such as:



– How to become a BFS

– How to promote a BFS ID

– How to increase your sales

– How to buy vehicles or other items

– How to use the buy now feature

– Import Process and Duty Calculations

– BE FORWARD Local Office

– Japan Products/Auto Parts



Also we invited three local agents from BF Cadam office to talk about the Warranty service, BF oil, which they sell at the office and some other offers and assistance they offer at the local office.


We now have more than 60,000 BF Supporters in the world and Uganda is one of the big BFS teams.


Each of the participant was given a polo shirt and a neck strap, also lunch was served.


Special Thanks to Mr. Sendi Abdalla BFS, Advisor in Uganda, who organized and facilitated the seminar.↓


We thank everyone who participated in the seminar! Some people even came all the way from other cities. For those who could not participate this time, we hope to see you in our future seminars!


Facilitator: Sendi Abdalla

BFS ID 295485
+256 77622258
Kampala, Uganda



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3 thoughts on “BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Seminar in Kampala, Uganda on December 9th, 2017

  1. Kangwamu Fredrick

    It was such a good idea thanks to Mr Sendi Abdalla who gave it all his time. We shall strive to dominate the Uganda Roads with Beforward cars.


  2. okullo vincent

    i think it was a good source of more information from the BE FORWARD.
    Next time the seminar is there please notify us also.


  3. barasa protus

    together us one…… we shall still pump ugandans with beforward cars…..Big up bro ssendi


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