Congratulations to Evans Mbasopi for becoming a BE FORWARD Official Agent!

Mr. Evans Mbasopi


It is our pleasure to account that one of our leading supporters from Zimbabwe, Mr. Evans Mbasopi (BFS ID: 12483) has become a BE FORWARD Official Agent.

He has been working as a BFS advisor in Zimbabwe for more than a year and contributed a lot for the growth of BF SUPPORTERS in Zimbabwe.


Seminar in Harare


As a BF SUPPORTER, he established four offices in Harare, Kwekwe, Gokwe and Kadoma.

Kadoma Office Mr. Evans established as a BF SUPPORTER


Interview with Mr. Evans

What made you work as a BF SUPPORTER?

Mr. Evans: “I took this opportunity (BF SUPPORTERS Program) as a chance to start earning some rewards. Then, as I grew my sales, I started to have the zeal to learn more about BE FORWARD and how to buy and sell used vehicles. Now I own a couple of car-selling shops.”


What made you work hard as a BFS Adviser?

Mr. Evans: “I worked hard as a BFS Adviser because I had a strong feeling of wanting to have more and vast knowledge in the motor vehicle industry. As I communicated with the BE FORWARD marketing staff every day, I gained knowledge and skills about BE FORWARD and its website features and system and started to assist other BF Supporters. This became my day to day passion to get involved with other BF Supporters. It is important as an advisor to put others first and become considerate.”


How do you find the experience working as a BFS Adviser?

Mr. Evans: “I got a lot of practical experience working as a BFS Adviser by having communication with BE FORWARD Japan staff every day. At first, I had a little knowledge about selling vehicles, but now it grew a lot.”


What do you think are the reasons of you becoming an Official Agent?

Mr. Evans: “Hard work, determination, courage and strong will in learning more about new things.”


How do you feel becoming an Official Agent?

Mr. Evans: “I feel honored, dignified and ecstatic becoming an Official agent in Zimbabwe.


What kind of activities have you done to become successful?

Mr. Evans: “I have worked hard and tirelessly advertising my business activities through the use of BFS campaign materials, printing them and distributing them around Zimbabwe. I had to spend my money to advertise myself, but as a result, I managed to become an agent!

Mr. Evan’s Harare Office

Pulling off a credible achievement as a BF SUPPORTER is one of the ways to become an official agent of BE FORWARD.


Here is the video message from the CEO(Mr. Hironori Yamakawa) of BE FORWARD for Mr. Evans.

We are looking forward to building a good relationshp with enthusiactic BF Supporters like Mr. Evans.



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4 thoughts on “Congratulations to Evans Mbasopi for becoming a BE FORWARD Official Agent!

  1. Khareem Cabey


    My name is Khareem and I own a real estate company based in St. Kitts & Nevis. I am also registered as a beforward supporter. I’ve always wondered if it was possible but, I noticed that Evans Mbasopi (Zimbabwe agent) was able to use the marketing material at his store. Being located in St. Kitts I was wondering if I could use the material in the same way here at my real estate office. I have certain relationships in with radio personalities and so on but I am not sure if myself doing promotion via radio or newspaper is allowed as a beforward supporter. This comment does not have to posted but I would surely appreciate a response via email.


    1. WBN_Charisse

      Yes, you can use Free Marketing Materials.
      The only condition is you can’t say ”Official BF Staff”.
      In addition, by following the BFS Terms and Condition, you can advertise yourself wherever you want, such as on the radio or in the Newspaper.

      Please kindly check BFS Terms and Condition from the link below:

      and also if it’s okay with you, please let us post your comment on the BFS Blog page. This is a very good proposal from you. We hope more BFS will do this way.

      if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email to rest assured that our team will assist you. Thank You!


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