BUY HERE Signage Only for BFS


Buy more than 3 vehicles within 3 months
and Get “BUY HERE” board for free!


Terms & Conditions
Who Can Join: BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS who meet all the requirements below.
-Who owns an office and can provide us the office address.
-Who can report/send us a picture after receiving the “BUY HERE” signage.
-Who purchased at least 3 vehicles within the past 3 months.

This promotion is also open to non-BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS but sign up is required.
※ “My Account” is necessary before signing up as a BF SUPPORTER. If you need to create your “My Account” first, start signing up from here.
If you have already created “My Account”, please login from here to sign up as a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER.

※ This promotion is not for BFS Gold members since signage with “Gold members” have already been provided to Gold members.


How It Works:
– “BUY HERE” signage will be given to BF SUPPORTERS who meet all requirements on the Terms & Conditions above.
– Only purchases made and with payment confirmation of Proforma Invoices within the promotion period (every 3-month period) are counted as sales.
– Purchases without BFS ID will not be counted as sales, so do not forget to use your BFS ID every time you place an inquiry.
– In case of Electronics, two referrals equal one sale.
– The BF SUPPORTERS who will be receiving the “BUY HERE” signage for the first 3-month period will be notified by email before the end of April.

Promotion Period: The first 3-month period is from January until March 2018.
                            And this promotion will be continued indefinitely.

*In our Blog, there are some tips on how to increase the number of your sales!

*If you use the “BUY NOW” feature, you can get some discounts and Proforma Invoice instantly.
Learn more about BUY NOW.



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  • O Que Motiva o Senhor? Por favor Compartilhe o segredo de sua inspiração.

    “A compensação financeira é um bom motivador, mas pensar e imaginar a satisfaçäo do cliente ao receber uma viatura e a sua alegria são uma inspiração melhor ainda.”

    Carlos Rafa Mate / Mozambique
  • How do you stay motivated? Please share your secret to inspire other BF SUPPORTERS.

    “The discounts offered on the vehicles are really beyond compare. Besides, Tione our fellow Malawian has been there to assist all the time.”

    DENNIS GONTHA / Malawi
  • How do you easily refer your friends to BE FORWARD?

    “I refer by explaining to customers all the valuable and important information they need to know in buying a car and the importance of goals. My goal is to have my own company. “

  • Please share your happiest moments as a BF SUPPORTER.

    “My happiest moment as a BF supporter is when I was told that I am one of the bonus winners for the December Campaign.”

    Josephat Mugumba / Botswana
  • How do you easily refer your friends to BE FORWARD?

    “I print out the flyers provided by BE FORWARD and give them out so people who are not my clients can use my BFS ID to get a discount whenever they get a car from BE FORWARD.”

    Kutoha Felix / Zambia
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