February Campaign 5th Bonus Winner: Mr. Dennis Gontha.


Congratulations to Mr. Dennis Gontha from Malawi for winning a Bonus in our February campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $440.


    1. How do you make your clients trust you/your company?
      ⇒ I always update my clients especially on the status of the purchased


    1.  What is your daily working schedule?
      ⇒ Visiting BE FORWARD Website is my daily routine.


    1.  How do you explain BFS in a simple sentence?
      ⇒ BFS is a program introduced by BE FORWARD that is providing monthly rewards.


    1. What is your dream car?
      ⇒ Wow!! hahaha,.. Anyway I would love to drive Toyota Fortuner with model
      code KUN15R-TRMDYT.


    1. What would you do if you have to sell 10 cars in 1 day?
      ⇒ The best way is to use Strategic Marketing Plan.


    1. Have there been any changes in your lifestyle after being as a BFS?
      ⇒ Too numerous to mention. I have really seen the light at the end of the


    1. Do you have any ideas/promotions for us to improve BFS?
      ⇒ I think you should keep on giving huge discounts to BEST SELLERS.




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