BE FORWARD Points System has just been Launched for BF SUPPORTERS!



BE FORWARD Point now launched!

We have been receiving many requests from our BF Supporters on the use of their rewards towards the purchase of various items in our stock list (i.e. vehicles, electronics and auto parts), so here is a new system!
Now the Points/Rewards will be added to your Account for each sale/referral you make, and it can be used on your next purchase. The good thing about using the Points system towards purchase is that you could save tax and duties in your country.


To earn the Points, please do not forget to login or enter your BFS ID when you make an inquiry so that the Points will be added immediately after purchase!

To learn more, please read here.


Earn More in May!

To celebrate the launch of our new Points system, the basic Reward in May 2018 is doubled! Do not miss the chance to earn more Points and save money. Please check the Pay Rate from here.


How to check the Points Balance

Once you login to your Account on BE FORWARD Website, you will find the Points Available.


Login and check your Points now


How to use the Points towards purchase


  1. Via “Buy Now”

If you are making an order using “Buy Now”, put the amount of Points you would like to use when you fill in the consignee information. The Total Amount will be deducted according to the Points you have used. 1 Point is equivalent to US$1.


What is Buy Now?


  1. Via Sales Representative

If you are getting a Proforma Invoice from our sales representatives, inform them of your intention to use the points and how many points you would like to use. They will issue the Proforma Invoice with your Points applied.




How to Exchange your Points to cash

From May 1st, the minimum amount for cash-out will be set for each payment method, so please make sure you have enough Points in your Account to exchange to cash.

Here is the list of payment methods available for each country and the minimum Points for cash-out. The Points will be exchanged and sent around the 20th day of the succeeding month following the date of the Points earned.

You can select either “Save Points in your Account” or the above payment method from here.

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