More Winners Bigger Reward 6th Bonus Winner:
Mr. Dennis Gontha.

Congratulations! You are the ◆6th◆ bonus winner of the “More Winners, Bigger Reward” campaign (March-April). Earned a Total of $860.

Mr. Dennis Gontha(Malawi)


  1. What did you do to promote your sales that you made you become a winner this time? And how did you promote your BFS ID efficiently?
    ⇒ Marketing strategies really assisted me to promote my sales.


  1. Where do you usually work? Do you own an office? How do you easily refer your friends to BE FORWARD?
    ⇒ Well, I don’t own my office, however I do my work at home. Sometimes I do my work at business centers. I refer my friends to BE FORWARD by telling them that cars from BE FORWARD are sold at affordable prices.


  1. What do you think about our new system “BF Points”? Is it useful for you? Why?
    ⇒ Well, I can’t talk much on the new system since it has just been introduced. I will comment on that later.


  1. Do you have any suggestions to improve our services?
    ⇒ Yes of course. I think you should have a look on discount coupons since you are no longer giving discount coupons to your customers.



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